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Lola Bins

stainless steel, stainless steel mechanics, wood, emission free, 100% recycled

Lola Bins

  • Made of wood (oak and birch combination), the mechanics are made of stainless steel while the cylinder is made of glass. Everything is sealed with a pharmaceutical silicone.
  • Certified to be used with food products.
  • Emission free and 100% recyclable.
  • Very durable and nearly impossible to scratch.
  • Lola bins last a lifetime, some parts may wear out but can easily be replaced.
  • Create the bin that meets your needs:
  • Warranty of 3 years (glass breakage not covered)
  • durable, scratch resistant, glass jars, recycled

    Glass Cylinder sizes

    CYLINDER - Diameter 8"
    Height Volume
    8" 1.6 gallons
    12" 2.6 gallons
    16" 3.4 gallons
    28" 5.8 gallons
    stainless steel mechanics

    Spout Sizes

    Spout Size
    Diameter Foods
    0.8" Fine seeds such as chia and lentils
    2" Cereal and Flakes
    3.5" Hazelnuts and pasta
    28" 5.8 gallons