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About Retail Bulk Solutions

We know the future of retail depends on creating engaging experiences and evolving with our consumers’ growing need for convenience and sustainability. That’s why we paired our vision as a preferred retail supplier with the design-savvy of a Scandinavian Solutions Powerhouse to drive the revolution of bulk merchandising in North America.

As consumer trends changed, we passionately identified the need to reduce packaging consumption, while personalizing each experience, lowering costs and encouraging healthier eating trends like organic. Our team has traveled the globe researching trends and is passionate about understanding each retailers unique challenges. From a quick display to showcase a local coffee company, to a large-scale merchandising solution that doubles as an awe-inspiring visual display, our dedication to quality and innovation drive everything we do.

Through our flexible solutions, we’ve helped retailers drive sales, create differentiation, reduce waste and save labor costs. And with our new solutions in bulk merchandising, creating an engaging, hands-on shopping experience has never been easier–or more profitable.



Saving up to 30% the time to clean and maintain than other bins means less labor dollars spent and more store efficiencies and engaging with shoppers.

Concept to execution

RBS provides full services from concept and design, engineering and fabrication, to final installation.

design and manufacturing
Case Studies

Branding and customization

Named one of the Top 50 POP companies by Creative Magazine, we have the talent to understand your brand's specific needs and provide a customized solution to impact your environment.

Design studio and showrooms

Our quality assurance program includes prototyping in our onsite Retail Lab and value-engineering to meet budget criteria and produce world class quality displays.

design studio and rendering

Innovation & Sustainability

Bulk merchandising reduces packaging waste, improves logistics, and supports healthy portion control.